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Grand Caverns

Investigation #7
Grand Caverns
Grottoes, Va

 Date of Investigation:  04/15/2012

Time of Investigation:  5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Investigators:  Lyle & Tonna Lotts, Dickie & Patty Rexrode, Tom Shepherd 
and Beth Hall

Weather Conditions:  The Caverns have a continuos temperature of 54 degrees,
 no wind or exterior light from the sun or moon.

History of the Location 

Grand Caverns was discovered in 1804 by Bernard (Barnette) Weyer while trying to retrieve one of his traps. Weyers Cave opened for tours in 1806, making it the oldest continually operating show cave in the U.S. The caverns were also called the Grottoes of the Shenandoah until named Grand Caverns in 1926.Grand Caverns was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1973.

There are hundreds of Civil War soldier’s signatures in Grand Caverns. The two largest engagements taking place near Cave Hill were the battle of Cross Keys on June 8, 1862 in which the Confederate forces were commanded by Maj. Gen Stonewall Jackson defeated Union forces led by Gen. John Freemont. On June 9, the following day, Jackson defeated a union force under the command of Brig. Gen. James Shields. The confederates lost approximately 1,100 men while Union losses were approximately 2,100 men. On June 11-17, 1862, Stonewalls troops camped along the South River and visited the Caverns (then known as Weyer's Cave)


Team Objective

The Caverns have always been a top priority for me since I started this team. 
There has never been an official investigation held in this facility so the
objective for Team Twisted was to see if the Caverns possibly could still hold
any of the residents from the past that came through the location and saw how beautiful and peaceful it was. With its tie to the Civil War, many soldiers could
still be holding up residence within, since it was a safe place from battle.   


Equipment Used
Digital Video Recorders, Digital Voice Recorders, K2, MEL Meter, REM Pod, Digital Thermometers, Laser Grid, IR Cameras





We will soon be adding audio clips!! 

Investigation Conclusion

From the time that I started the team, Grand Caverns was always a spot that was a must.  I had never heard of anyone ever attempting an investigation in the caves.  As Team Twisted entered the caves, we knew that we were doing something special. Once the interior lights were turned off, it took on a whole new appearance.  We only investigated the Caverns for about 2 to 3 hours, but I feel that we definitely made contact with spirits.  Audio, video and pics were all collected that showed visitors still reside in the Caves!! 

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